Kristen Luman

Kristen Luman’s fascination with the paranormal begins with the mind. While studying for her psychology degree she discovered the world of paranormal psychology, the study that focuses on psychic phenomena and paranormal events such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, precognition, and near death experiences. The near death experience of her cousin made an indelible mark on Kristen, prompting her to immerse herself in paranormal studies.

Kristen’s research in the field of parapsychology lead to her being chosen as one of two paranormal investigators to research The Crescent Mine which was documented for two seasons on Syfy Channel’s hit paranormal docu-series, Ghost Mine. Ever since her experience at The Crescent, Kristen continues to research the connection between paranormal experiences and the mind. She is a licensed hypnotherapist and currently practices out of Los Angeles, CA.