Dave Schrader

One of the most accomplished investigators in the field of paranormal research, Dave Schrader’s expertise expands the entire spectrum of the medium. Whether it’s ghosts, extraterrestrials, cryptids, psychics, or the unexplained Dave Schrader has seen it all. Schrader has shared the paranormal encounters of countless listeners on his widely popular radio show Darkness on the Edge of Town; which airs weeknights on Twin Cities News Talk.

Dave is also the co-author of the book “The Other Side” and has been a frequent contributor to TAPS Magazine (The official magazine based on the hit SyFy series Ghost Hunters). In addition, Dave has hosted and guest starred on several popular paranormal television shows, among them A & E’s Paranormal State, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and Travel Channel’s Paranormal Challenge. Today, Dave Schrader is one of the most sought after public speakers on paranormal topics worldwide and is a recurring fill in host on Coast to Coast AM.

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