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Trevor Faith

Trevor Faith's fascination with the paranormal began on a cold October night when he was just 12 years old. In the backyard of his father's home, there was a 7 stone cemetery. He was running around, nearby and then heard several knocking sounds coming from that direction. With his attention focused on the cemetery, he suddenly heard loud breathing right next to his ear and then saw a full-bodied apparition walk from behind a large tree and kneel down to the only marked grave. If this wasn't terrifying enough, the apparition then looked directly at Trevor, before looking back at the grave and then being absorbed into it. Needless to say, Trevor has been searching for answers ever since. This quest has become his life's passion and he is willing to confront all paranormal energy, even dark energy. He understands the risks that come with that and knows that the only way to find answers is to put himself right in the middle of any activity he can find. Check out this interesting new paranormal voice with his video blog series, "Haunted Faith."