Kat Davis

As a very young child, Kat realized there was more to this world than most of us can see. Her first indicator was when she found out her imaginary friend was probably her recently deceased uncle. After moving into a very active haunted house at the age of 7, she became familiar with shadow people, phantom voices and poltergeist activity. In her early twenties, she came to the conclusion that she’s something of a paranormal magnet because activity just seems to follow her around. If anyone was ever destined to become a paranormal investigator, it would be her. Now, all of her free time is spent searching for answers and evidence to find out what’s really going on behind the veil of the spiritual plane. Kat’s video blogs and investigative videos can be seen across social media under the brand “Paranormal Kativity” and now she's joined up with The Dark Zone to produce new content.