Jason Higgs

Jason has been interested in the paranormal since being a young lad. When he was just 9 years old he had his first spooky encounter and has been searching for a reason for that experience ever since. At 15 he joined BUFORA (British UFO Research Association) and regularly interviewed witnesses to otherworldly brief encounters. His search for the supernatural took hold when he joined a Cornwall Paranormal Group and in 2007 he Co-founded Supernatural Investigations (UK) with 5 other members. Jason has performed hundreds of Investigations all over the UK and abroad. In 2010 Jason co-authored 'Paranormal Cornwall' with his colleague Stuart Andrews and later The History Press published and released his book, 'Haunted Bodmin Moor'. Now Jason and his small team are taking paranormal investigations to the next level in the cutting edge new web series, "Encounters."