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What House Would You Haunt?

Would you choose a famous location already occupied by spirits of the past, a castle you've toured in Europe, a house you've lived in, or a hidden gem known by few (especially unknown to hordes of paranormal investigators asking you the same questions over and over)?

With all the research we've completed there is still no answer to why a spirit haunts a specific place. In most cases it seems there's an attachment to the building or a person, but there are many cases involving a ghost with no link to the location. What if these spirits had a choice where others had none.

I hope after I die I am able to travel to all the fantastic places I've been and the locations I never was able to visit in life, because when I look around me now, I don't want to haunt this apartment, and if I pass in a hospital or old age hope I definitely DO NOT want to haunt those places! Give me a castle in Ireland or a cabin deep in the woods (that would be some fun, haunting lost hikers).

So, what if. What if you could haunt the house of your choice. Where would it be?
Share your location. It might give some wandering spirits an idea of were to visit next in the afterlife.