1 Key Rule of Investigating that Paranormal Shows Don't Tell You

Let's be honest, there is quite a long list of things that paranormal shows don't teach you. While these programs can be very educational, many shows only extend to the same few branches of the supernatural tree, while the rest are left forgotten in the shadows. But today, I want to dig up one of these forgotten understandings of the paranormal, as I feel it is necessary for all those active in this field to understand before attempting to contact any energy or partake in any investigation.

In the past, I have written a blog or two about a similar topic to this & have put together quite a few videos as well in regards to it (that of which you can check out here). But today, I want to focus on one key rule in particular with paranormal investigating that I can honestly say I have never seen any paranormal TV program discuss. With that being said, I obviously haven't seen all programs, so it is possible that some may have mentioned it here & there, but I felt it should be addressed today due to the lack of exposure & discussion on this particular topic.

With that being said, let's talk about your energy.

↫ Understanding Energy ↬

Before I explain what exactly it is that often goes unsaid in the paranormal, it is first important to understand energy & why it plays such a big role in what we're working with. Energy is the foundation basis of everything, including our own existence & the existence of the supernatural. Most enthusiasts already know that spirits are made up of an energy form that of which we often refer to as EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies), but they don't dive deep enough to understand the true fundamentals of why this is key to an investigator or practicers's journey.

So why is it so important?

In regards to investigating, energy is important for many reasons. First of all, this field is focused entirely around the search & understanding of this specific energy in various forms. But the one thing I want to focus on right now in regards to energy is the 'like attracts like', or 'energy attracts energy' theory. You probably have heard the statement, 'what goes around comes around' in reference to karma & the choices we make. The belief of this is to say that every reaction has an outcome that is aligned with our intention. For example, if we make bad choices or wish bad upon others, we will feel the wrath of it come right back to us. Therefore, if we make good choices & wish well for others, we will create good that comes back to us. Simple, right? In other words, what goes on in our lives & the kind of experiences we have are the result of our own actions & our own present doings. While many would call this superstition, the more you get involved with different energies & expand your knowledge in this field, you may begin to see the world & our existence in a very different light.

↫ The Law of Energy ↬

With that being said, what most paranormal shows don't educate you on is how important the state of your own energy is on an investigation. When I say that, I'm meaning what energy is currently in your aura field, what emotional state you are in, what you're giving off based on your current attitude, & what kind of intention you have when attempting to contact the other side. If you are feeling low, angry, frustrated, or stressed, now is not a smart or safe time to investigate. This is so important to follow, because just as with the karma example above ('what goes around comes around'), if you're feeling negative or angry, you're giving off that same low energy vibration into the atmosphere (aka to the energies around you & the spirits), that of which will draw back likewise energies that are on that same wavelength to your current state, & create a whole negative mess that could be very dangerous & harmful to you (& trust me, these are not the kind of energies you want to kickback & have a beer with!). I'm not even talking about picking up on the negative energies of spirits you may come across on the investigation, I'm talking about the pre-investigation before you even open communication.

It's a simple rule of energy: if you're feeling low, say hello to the low energies that are also on this wavelength. If you want to drawn in good spirits, remain on a high vibration with your mood, energy, & intention, & it's much easier than you think! Speaking of intention, I think it's also worth mentioning that what you intend to find goes a long way in your experiences in the paranormal as well. Of course you can't control everything & there will be times you will come across a lower energy, but having good intentions & seeking only good things goes hand-in-hand with having positive & safe encounters with spirits on the other side. If you seek something selfishly (use a spirit for self gain, use a spirit for evidence & toss them aside when you promised to help them, or provoke simply to gain evidence or feel a rush), this will also act like karma & bite you in the back. Intention & attitude is often why people can have very different kinds of connections & experiences at locations, good & bad. Always keep your intentions & your energy pure at all times.

Because the paranormal is so vastly unknown & unpredictable, we as investigators should always prepare to enter it as if we're going into battle. I don't mean to grab your tunics & your master sword (Zelda fans will understand), but I do mean that you need to prepare an energy barrier, protect yourself, always have the best of intentions, & never allow yourself to open up or become vulnerable no matter how positive a location is claimed to be.

  • Side Note: Vulnerability on investigations happens most frequently when our energy walls are weak, we are in a low state of emotional being (angry, sad, depressed), we give into fear or into the negativity around us, or are under the influence of something. This puts us in much more danger than we would normally be in, & makes us easy targets for negative energy to latch onto, harm, or drain.

↫ What To Do ↬

When it comes to feeling negative on an investigation, I just simply step back & take a break. Whether it's for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, I will take as long as I need to regroup myself before continuing. Sometimes I'll just sit outside & get fresh air, other times I'll take a drive & jam out to all my favorite tunes, or even meditate. Whatever it is that makes you happy, doing this before an investigation or during a period when you start to lose control over what you're feeling is the best cure. You can also sage or cleanse if you feel you truly need it, but I find surrounding yourself with people & things that lift your spirit is the best medicine. But above all else, do not ignore it or brush it off, otherwise I can assure you that you will deeply regret it.

In conclusion, investigating is already dangerous enough, so we don't really have room for anything else that may put you in more danger. Make sure you're always at the top of your game with your best foot forward if you truly wish to have an unforgettable, safe, & powerful investigation. The paranormal should never be a game or a race, & it's not something you can cheat your way through. Energy doesn't lie & it will always catch up to you if you do not take proper precautions or have your priorities straight. Stay pure, stay strong, be safe, & always be respectful & kind in every chance you can. :)