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Just a Ghost in the Crowd

What if you're unknowingly seeing ghosts while going about your day?

There you are, walking down a crowded city street. You see a businessman sitting patiently at the bus stop, a young mother staring off into the distance at the park, or a teen in 60's garb minding their own business at the other end of the subway car. But are they really there? Does anyone else see them, or just you?

You will never know because you're not going to approach every person on the street and ask them, "Are you a ghost?" Think about it, when you walk, ride, or drive to wherever you're focused on getting to, you're not paying attention to each and every other person around you. Especially those in the distance. We simply accept that if we see someone in a crowd, that someone is a living, breathing person. As we're walking our eyes deliver the trillion bits of information to our brain, but our brain is focused on the path directly in front of us and all senses dedicated to reaching our goal. Everything else in the background becomes mute. People become moving shapes without detail. We don't really "see" them, only their form. This creates a perfect environment for ghost to exist — Hiding in plain site, and never being seen.

It's possible only you are seeing the ghosts you see while other people are seeing ghosts only they can see. The reasons being the images of the "people" are entering your eye at a certain angle or your brain is in tune with the energies you are sensing. But those are two topics for another "What if."

Think about this idea next time you're walking down a busy street. How many people are you really seeing in full detail and how many are just a blur in the background? Are some of those blurs in the background really even there, or are they something else?

What if.

On a side note: I’ve had people ask me, “Why do you investigate the paranormal in the wild?”
Answer: Because I believe spirits are everywhere!

Sadly, I’ve discovered that there’s a small percentage of paranormal fans who believe spirits or ghost only haunt select houses, abandoned hospitals, prisons and asylums — places where tragic events transpired and created a powerful emotional scar on the location. Well, given the history of the world, going all the way back to caveman days, tragic deaths and events have happened everywhere! If every dead person suddenly appeared as a ghost in the exact spot they died, we would find ourselves in a sea of spirits — Not only in cities and towns, but in the forested mountains, across the deserts, and over the crashing waves of the oceans.