The Man in Black

The man in black's presence has been plaguing me since before we moved in.

I described him briefly in my first blog post you can read here:

The Apartment

Upon our first time touring our apartment, I felt him. I felt his eyes watching my every step from the old, squeaky bedroom doorway. They would follow me, knowing I was aware of his presence. I would slowly turn to glance back at what my eyes would tell me was nothing, but my intuition told me otherwise

From what I've gathered from him, I would describe him best as an older man. A miner, is what I felt. I could see what looked like a cowboy hat slightly tipping over his eyes, his dirty appearance & his very stern observant look (much like the image above).

I remember walking into this old, seemingly deserted building with my boyfriend for the first time, and his energy was the very first thing I felt about the building.

This man... what is it about this man?

From the start, I was going in with an open mind, open heart, and absolutely no knowledge of what occurred here. But ever since we have moved in, I feel as though he has latched onto me. I did not first believe his intentions were bad, but now, I am not so sure.

And now every night after my boyfriend is asleep, I sense him. The reason he does not want to be around when he is awake, I am unsure, but his presence grows heavier each time. Yet, something about him tells me he is protecting me. Perhaps this 'dark' energy is not coming from him at all, rather a different entity around me he is protecting me from.

My first true encounter with whom I call 'the man in black' went like this...

I was lying in bed after I had gotten home from work. I was alone, as my boyfriend wouldn't be home for another 2 hours. I was laying in bed scrolling on my phone (chatting with my #spiritchickfamily). And seemingly out of nowhere, to the left of me, someone seemed to enter the room and it felt... off.

The good majority of people would be freaking out at this point knowing there is an entity with them, but I am accustomed to their company & maintained my composure. The first thing people tend to do when they feel like there's a presence in the room is automatically turn to face it. But in my experience, they will rarely ever let you see them front-on. Or if they do, it isn't for very long.
I always glance out of the corner of my eye to see them, without putting my direct attention on them and each time I have used this method, the energy will remain with me for much longer.
So I maintained my focus on my phone, physically acting as if this person wasn't there. But mentally, I was undressing each trait of this new character;

A male, facial hair, furrowed brows, curious, upset about something...

Okay, but who are you?

His look grew more stern - he was focusing on me more, and he knew I was picking up his information. And I don't think he liked it.

I thinned my psychic walls just enough to let my body feel the pressure from his energy to help me to understand who he truly is is (energy doesn't lie, ladies & gents).

The strange man with the cowboy hat wouldn't say a word, mentally speaking. He held a stare so deep, it felt like I was a life prisoner being interrogated in my cell.
At this point, I clicked my phone off and laid on the bed, watching his shadowy 6 ft tall frame out of the corner of my eye. Calmly, I laid my hands on my abdomen and leaned my head back into our fuzzy pillows.

"Who are you?"

I asked him mentally, without looking his direction.
Nothing came through, but that stern energy.

"Do you need help?"
I added, but no response.

I eventually let my eyes slowly wander to him, and to my disbelief I could perfectly see the outline of his shadowy frame in the dimness of the room. He looked exactly as I had imagined him - tall, mustache, furrowed brows, older...

(Oddly enough, his outside appearance & features was nearly identical to Sam Elliot in the movie, "Tombstone"). --->

I refused to let myself blink, because I knew that's when he take his leave. My heart rate begun to speed up, not from fear, but because I had never had a staring contest with an entity before.

I stared back at him, and he stared into me.

His look was so deep, it was like he was looking directly past my physical body and straight to my soul. A thought began to stir in my mind as I focused on him more...
"Do I know you?"
I questioned him once again, and as soon as that question came through, he was gone.

That night, never again did I feel his presence.

The next night was different. This time it was past midnight, and Isaac was sound asleep. Lying in bed, I had my back facing our old bedroom door that would lead into our living room. I remember tossing and turning, unable to shake this uncomfortable feeling I had piercing my back. I have been in this field long enough to know what certain feelings my body gives me mean - and this uncomfortable feeling on my back? I was being watched.

It is not unusual for me to be woken out of my sleep by an entity wanting to communicate or seeking help, so I assumed it was just another energy on my 'waiting list'.

I laid still, not turning my back but continuing to feel this eerie grogginess. Knowing it wasn't gonna let me sleep, I began trying to decipher the energy instead, but I couldn't pick up a single thing. It wasn't until I finally rolled over that I realized exactly who it was.

Standing not 5 ft in front of me was this same 6 foot tall shadow man. I remember feeling my eyes widen as I caught glimpse of him. A flashback to my childhood hit me hard from the way he presented himself this time. This time, he displayed absolutely no features, he was just a pure black mass with a very thin neck. An image of when I was young and the shadow people used to surround my bed filled my memory. I remember how they would slowly move their heads watching me as if I was some kind of science experiment. They would reach for my arms and legs, I would squirm and scream but no one could ever hear me.
After that, they would try to drag me to 'their world'.

(To the right of our old door is where is shadow stood)

Staring at this shadow man brought up a childhood fear I had forgotten I had. I could not get anymore information from him other than he was the man I had felt before. I could not see any features, other than the outline of his cowboy hat and long trench coat, and his Slederman type neck. I was not afraid, I was amazedand extremely skeptical of what I was seeing.
I began to sit up, to try to reach out and touch him.

What did he feel like? What would it feel like to touch another soul outside the physical?

But the second I moved my fingers towards him, he vanished from my eyes. I jumped out of bed with enough adrenaline to run a marathon as I leapt to the spot he stood. I began anxiously looking for any sign, any sign at all of his energy. I flipped the light switch on and attempted to recreate the scenario & try to debunk it with any rational or natural solution, but I could not find a single one.

Why did he keep coming to me?

The next night, his presence grew darker.
This is when I truly began to question who this entity was and what it's intention were.

Every night when I go to sleep, I place my puppy (#king), Weenie right next to the side of me on the floor in his little fluffy bed. I often will reach down and pet him in the middle of the night if I can't sleep, and I overall feel safer knowing he's right next to me.


But one night when I was sound asleep, and everything seemed well & right, something lurked in the shadows unseen.
I hadn't felt the shadow man at all that day, and my boyfriend hadn't mentioned anything about him either. As I was sleeping peacefully, I remember suddenly feeling like I hit an energy wall in my dream. An unbearably uncomfortable feeling overcame me, and I remember a vision of seeing myself crying about... something. The dream went in flashes, and I begun to hear a bloodcurdling scream of a woman. I had no idea what any of it meant, and my dream wasn't allowing me to see any image at all.

Everything was black, but I could still hear the screams surrounding me like the current of the wind blowing in multiple directions. It wasn't until I realized exactly what this screaming was that my eyes flew right open.


Weenie was screaming.

I sprung out of bed, not half aware of where I was or what I was doing at this point.
"Weenie! Weenie, where are you?"
I was yelling, as I fell out of the bed, hitting my leg hard on the bed frame, pushing my hands on the floor in a panic trying to feel for him.
He wasn't in his bed, and that was unusual for him. I crawled quickly towards the sound of his cries.

Note: Weenie is NOT the kind of dog that EVER cries unless he is scared, or hurt. So I'm sure you can imagine why I was panicking about it so much.

When I finally found Weenie, I wrapped him in my arms as he continued to squeak and cry.
"What's wrong?" I asked, feeling around his body to make sure he didn't hurt himself.
My eyes were in tears in worry at this point.

I held him in my arms as I begun to make my way to the light switch so I could check him. But as I stood up, my hand only a few inches from the wall, I was met face to face with the same 6ft tall black mass looking down on me. I felt another heavy weight pierce my chest.
My mother instinct took over, as Weenie began to cry louder at the sight of this entity, and I instantly assumed this entity was the reason Weenie was unhappy. I didn't know if it had hurt him, or if it had scared him, but I put the intention in my mind to 'leave' and sent it directly to him. Our faces were not more than a few inches apart, my eyes remained stern and alert. Although his face had no eyes, I stared up at his empty eye sockets as if it did. Repeating my intention over and over, telling him he was not welcome, the weight began to lift of my chest. The man seemed to become transparent, and suddenly was no longer in view. Weenie's cries began to die down, and the overall 'weight' of the room was lifted.

I took a deep breath, and turned the light on to look at Weenie. He hid his face in my chest, as he does when he is upset, but he did not have any wounds or any reason to have been crying. I rushed to the bed with Weenie, and shook Isaac awake.

"Hey, wake up!" I said anxiously, shaking him viciously.
Isaac rolled over, grumbly.
"What..." he mumbled slowly into the pillow.
"What?!" I gawked. "Did you not hear Weenie crying?"
"What?" he asked, lifting his head to look at me, his eyelids drooping with sleep.
"Weenie was screaming... literally at the top of his lungs. I sprung out of bed to get him."
I said, confused as to why he didn't hear it.
"Is he okay?" He said, reaching to pet Weenie's head, but Weeine only pushed his face closer into my chest.
"He's fine, it's just," my eyes wandered.
"I don't know how you didn't wake up."
"I don't know, I didn't hear a thing." Isaac shrugged.

It wasn't until I thought about this experience once again that I knew this entity had chosen to show this to me, and only me. It somehow had muted the sound to Isaac (or he is just an incredibly heavy sleeper). But my question is why?

What did the metaphor image of the screaming woman mean?

And did it correlate with the other encounter we had with the sobbing woman?

What did he do to Weenie?

And why did I feel a connection to this man?

At this point, I was questioning, questioning everything. I was left with the thought that this entity was dark, but if it was so dark, why didn't it fight back when I told it to leave?

It wasn't until my next encounter with the man in black that I was absolutely sure if he was a dark entity trying to hurt me,
or a protector in disguise.