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Higher Dimensional Beings

We live in a 3-dimensional world. Our brains have learned since birth to take those confusing and complex signals of light, shadow and color from our eyes and create 3-dimensional objects. This is all we will ever know or understand, but put aside what you assume is reality and imagine a being that was 2-dimensional — A being that is not flat (even the thinnest sheet of paper is 3-dimensional), but only has height and width. Without the 3rd dimension of depth that being could stand right in front of you and because you’re either looking at it at any other angle other than straight on or looking down on it, you wouldn’t be able to see them and you would be invisible to them. In fact, in their 2D world nothing of our 3D world would exist to them. They could never interact with our extra dimensional world, but we could with theirs.

Now take our 3-dimensional world and introduce a being that has a 4th dimension that we can’t even understand or comprehend. We then become that 2D being in a 3D world. The 4th dimensional beings could be standing and living right next to us, but we would never know they were ever there. Because they understand Height, Width & Depth they would be able to interact with us if they wanted to (sounds, movement, light, color, temperature, etc), but because we don’t know of the 4th dimension we could never interact with them.

So the big question is, and this goes back to an idea I had 10 years ago, what if some or all of the paranormal activity were experiencing is the wanted interactions of these living beings, which exist side-by-side with us, but in a 4th, 5th 6th or greater dimension?

Possible? Yes, it is.

Reality? We may never know.

To find the answer we have to keep pushing our ideas and make sure we never get stuck on currently accepted theories.